If you’ve been following us along this wildly terrific ride over the years, you know that here at Innovative Restorations, we come from humble beginnings and that a lot of passion goes into what the entire team does each day at the shop.

In this post, we’re taking a minute to catch up with our owner, Adam Bradley, for a quick 15 question, fun look “behind the scenes” at Innovative Restorations.

Adam Bradley - Owner

  1. How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business for 5 years – since  May 2014.
  2. How did you come up with the name “Innovative Restorations”?
    I made a list of words that best described the shop and its approach and thought innovative sounded like the best match.
  3. Do you remember what the first car you worked on was?
    Yes. A 1970 Buick Skylark.
  4. How many staff members do you currently have?
    We have 1 office manager, 2 auto body technicians (including myself), and 2 mechanical technicians.
  5. Did you always want to work on cars or have another profession in mind as a kid?
    I always enjoyed fixing old things but didn’t plan on working on cars as a profession. I started general studies and had planned to go into the medical field as a chiropractor.Adam working with a polisher
  6. If you could have any vehicle (money not a concern) what would you want?
    For a cruising vehicle, it would have to be a resto-moded 1941 Chrysler Windsor and for a sports car, a vintage Ferrari.
  7. What’s the most unusual item at your shop? 
    A giant pair of pliers or the table in the waiting room. Our customers always ask about them. As far as work we have done, I would say DJ booths that we fabricated, or Shriner cars have been most interesting.
  8. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned when restoring cars? Any “deleted scenes” you care to share?
    More work, in the beginning, is less work in the end. When I first started in the trade, I would try to do the easy tasks first and do them out of order. Ultimately, that would lead me to have to re-do repairs or backtrack and I realized I was not actually saving any time at all. Glad I figured that out early!
  9. Why do you think the car restoration world is so big?
    I think it is so big because of nostalgia. Customers are getting classic cars because it’s a car they always wanted, it was the cool car when they were in high school,  a family member had one. It was their first car… these things are driving the market.
  10. Muscle or Vintage?
  11. Where do you see your business in 5 years? 10 years from now?
    In 5 years I would like to be moving to a larger facility and adding more staff.  In 10 years I would like to have a large staff and multiple area /departments for upholstery fabricatio
  12. 1967 Chevy Novan, bodywork, mechanical repairs, paint, etc. A second location for modern vehicle repairs, that follows the same standards and policies as the restoration shop would be amazing too.
  13. What’s your most popular service? 
    Disc brake conversions and mechanical system overhauls.
  14. If you had to think about what car you’ve seen most frequently come through your shop’s doors, what would that be?
    A Chevrolet Camaro.
  15. You restore and service cars from local Wallingford residents as well as those who ship their projects across the country. How are you able to reach such a large customer base? I believe I have been able to reach such a large customer base because of word of mouth, people compliment quality, and then our website and presence on social media help us to keep a strong connection with customers.
  16. What has been your favorite/most memorable project yet?
    My favorite has been a pink 1967 Chevy Nova.



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