Shopping for a Classic Car? 4 Inspection Tips for Success

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The thought of owning a classic car can be exciting. Just imagine yourself in something like this ‘67 Chevy Nova. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, it would; but before you go out and buy a seemingly good antique car on impulse, it’s important that you inspect it as thoroughly as possible. Used car shopping is

Classic Car Restoration Car of the Month: ‘92 Dodge W150

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The 80’s have been making a huge comeback! And for anyone who was a teen or young adult in the era there’s lots of nostalgic joy to be had! For truck enthusiasts that also means a return of the highly-desirable late 80’s/early 90’s trucks that had massive popularity with younger men and women in

3 Cost Sensible Cars for a Restoration Newbie

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If you’re a lover of all things car-Resto then you’ve landed on the right page! Here at Innovative Restorations we live and breathe cars -- from vintage classics, to rare garage finds and even daily drivers. We have a love for everything with a motor! One thing that really excites us is when our customers

3 Safety Upgrades to Consider for Your Classic Car

By |2020-06-24T20:47:36+00:00June 24th, 2020|Car Restorations, Restomods|

If you’re an avid lover of classic cars and have been thinking about getting yourself into a restoration project of your own, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Like how much you’re willing to invest, what model year you’re interested in, and if you’re going to add any modern upgrades to your

Restoration or Restomod: Which is Right for Your Ride?

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If you’re a car enthusiast or have one in your life, then you know just how serious the love for automobiles can get. From your vintage car collector to your hotrod buff or even the newer Euro car scene - chances are the amount of detail, work and love they put into their rides cannot

A Realistic Look at Classic Car Restoration

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Many people fall in love with the idea of restoring a classic car to its former glory but are shocked and dismayed by the reality of what that entails. Classic car restorations can be time-consuming and expensive. You should have a realistic idea of what to expect so you don’t start a project and then

Understanding Classic Car Restoration Costs

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So you’ve got a classic car in your garage or shed, and you’ve got great plans to restore it. Or…at least that was the plan, several years ago. Perhaps even a decade or more ago. Part of the problem is time, but another big element is probably money. It’s costing a lot more than you

Best Things You Can Do to Bring Your Antique Car Back to Life

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An antique car is a treasure, but many collectors acquire vehicles after they have been sitting outside or parked in a garage for years. Restoring a classic car is often a challenging and time-consuming endeavor, and it can be hard to figure out where to start. These should be your top priorities. Get a Professional

Protecting the Paint Job on Your Classic Car

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If you’ve put a lot of work and effort into a classic car, one of your final jobs -- detailing it – is perhaps the biggest labor of love in the whole process. After all, shiny chrome and mirror-like body panels are the pride of any vintage vehicle owner and lover. Time and the elements,

Finding the Right Shop for Your Car Restoration Matters

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If you own a classic car, it’s probably your most prized possession. Restoration work can be complicated and expensive and should only be performed by qualified professionals. There are plenty of shops that will claim that they can do work they are not qualified to do or that will cut corners to finish a project

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