So you’ve got a classic car in your garage or shed, and you’ve got great plans to restore it. Or…at least that was the plan, several years ago. Perhaps even a decade or more ago. Part of the problem is time, but another big element is probably money. It’s costing a lot more than you imagined it would. In the beginning, you may have thought it would be cheaper. After all, you’re doing the maintenance yourself, and the vehicle uses simpler parts from a pre-computerized age. So why is it more expensive?

If this is your experience, you’re not alone.

Why Are Restoration Costs So High?

According to Barry Kluczyk writing for Hemmings Muscle Machines, the cost primarily comes down to time. It takes a lot longer to do bodywork in particular than anyone imagines.

“Most of it comes in the form of prep work, including bodywork to straighten and repair the sheet metal, block sanding the body before painting, and color sanding it afterward to achieve a deep finish,” wrote Kluczyk. “Laying down the color requires the least amount of time in the project; and, unless you’re taking the car to a splash-and-dash paint shop that may or may not mask off the fender badges, it typically takes hundreds of hours to do correctly.”

Who Will Service Your Classic Vehicle?

While you may imagine that you can do everything yourself, a time will come when you’ll need outside help. It’s important to find a reliable, trusted mechanic for the maintenance of your classic car: after all, you can’t just drive it into the dealership and expect service. Today’s technicians simply aren’t trained to work on older vehicles.  

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