Owning a classic car requires a different approach to maintenance compared to modern vehicles. In this blog post, we will share expert tips and advice for classic car owners to preserve their prized possessions and keep them running smoothly for years to come. 

If you’re new to classic car ownership, it’s important to learn best practices so you won’t make any rookie mistakes. The following are some ideas for keeping your classic vehicle safe and well-preserved. 

Ensure Proper Storage for Your Classic Vehicle

While classic cars may be timeless, this isn’t to say that time won’t affect them. Proper storage is critical, and a winter in a cold garage – or a hot one – can result in unnecessary wear and tear on a vehicle. It’s important that your vehicle is stored in a place that is dry, insulated, temperature regulated and properly ventilated. In a suitable storage location, your car won’t be at risk for exposure to rain, snow, heat, ice, or road chemicals. In addition to ruining the finish, these elements can break down the vehicle’s rubber, vinyl, detailing, and oil. 

If you’re not able to find a climate-controlled environment in which to keep your car, it’s important that you take steps to protect the vehicle from moisture. Avoid a garage that has a dirt or concrete floor, and if you can’t, be sure to use a tarp under the vehicle to protect it from dampness. In an unheated garage, a gravel floor is the best choice, as it will control and decrease moisture. 

Create and Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

Because you typically don’t drive a classic on a regular basis, it’s critical that you stick to a maintenance schedule designed to keep a vehicle that is only used occasionally in top running condition. This includes regular washing and waxing to remove dust, dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants, preserve your paint, and fight rust and corrosion. In addition, you should be lubricating engine parts every few months. It’s not enough to simply change the oil: you can’t neglect the parts of the engine that require lubrication and expect your vehicle to stay in tip-top shape. You should also be flushing your coolants regularly and bleeding the brakes to avoid moisture build-up. Finally, before you drive the vehicle, it’s important to check oil levels, particularly if it has been a while since you used the car. 

Run the Vehicle Regularly

While it may be tempting to bundle the car up for the winter and leave it to “sleep” until spring, it’s important that – even during the “down season” – you drive the vehicle occasionally to keep it running well. Experts recommend that you take it for a drive at least once a month, at a bare minimum. Another good reason to drive the car regularly is that you can check underneath it for any puddles that might indicate a leak that needs to be fixed. 

Consult with a Professional

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