If you’ve put a lot of work and effort into a classic car, one of your final jobs — detailing it – is perhaps the biggest labor of love in the whole process. After all, shiny chrome and mirror-like body panels are the pride of any vintage vehicle owner and lover.

Time and the elements, however, are continually working against you. It can be tricky to keep that “looks like new” shine and paint job on your beloved classic vehicle. There are, however, some essential tips and tricks to keep your classic car looking like new again.

Use a car cover. It goes without saying that the vehicle should remain garaged year-round. But even in the garage, dust can begin to erode the paint job, and scratches and dents can happen. Use a soft car cover that is specifically fitted for your vehicle.

Protect against humidity. Humidity isn’t great for a vehicle’s paint finish. If you live in a damp climate, some experts recommend investing in a dehumidifier to prevent excess moisture from causing your car to rust while it’s in in the garage.

Remove any potential oxidants. Every time you use the car, the surface collects potential contaminants that can lead to oxidization over time. Your car’s surface might appear shiny, but if it feels rough, it may be time to treat it with a clay bar and polish. If the paint is beginning to dull, it’s time to treat it with a buffer. Before you begin buffing, however, you should determine how much paint depth there is on the vehicle to avoid over-buffing and breaking through the paint. Oxidants should always be removed from the paint before waxing.

Consider using a protectant wrap. While you drive your vehicle, debris and small pebbles can wreak havoc on vulnerable parts of the car. When you take your classic vehicle out, consider using a protectant wrap such as XPEL TracWrap on the hood to prevent damage from grit and rocks that a truck might kick up on the road, and on the rear section behind the rear tires.

Engage an expert. Restoration experts such as Innovative Restorations, Inc., an automotive repair shop in Wallingford, Connecticut, can help you keep your classic vehicle’s paint job looking perfect. Innovative Restoration provides timely, professional work on vintage automobiles. Give us a call today to discuss your auto restoration needs!