If you’re an avid lover of classic cars and have been thinking about getting yourself into a restoration project of your own, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Like how much you’re willing to invest, what model year you’re interested in, and if you’re going to add any modern upgrades to your ride. Aside from paint and the other fun things we can customize when restoring a vehicle, there is also the question of safety standards for today’s roadways. 

Older cars, naturally, have fewer safety features than today’s rides, but with some upgrades, you can easily take your car on all the cruise nights you want with the family and still maintain peace of mind. 

Here are 3 safety upgrades worth getting for your classic car. 

Modern Seat Belts

It wasn’t until the mid-1960’s that the U.S. government required padded dashboards and seat belt anchors as a safety feature in cars. And not until the 1980’s that states like New York even required drivers to wear them while driving. So if your classic car is from before that era – you aren’t even close to what’s available today in terms of lap-shoulder belts to keep you from being ejected in a crash. Updating your ride to this option is key if you’re going for long rides, taking your family on cruise nights, or just want to be sure your ride is safe overall. Some retailers offer classic styled, modern belts so you can keep a consistent look as well.

AntiLock Braking System 

Most older cars have what’s called drum brakes. These brakes while still working to stop the car, didn’t assist in sudden braking incidents or help the driver with maintaining control of the car. Converting your car to disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system will eliminate most skidding and ensure you can stop short if you need to. 

Wheels & Tires 

Many classic cars that are still in original condition are using what’s known as a bias-ply tire. This consists of many rubber plies overlapping and the crown and sidewalls interdependent of each other. This style tire simply does not take corners well, maintain a grip on the road, and stop or steer like cars today can. It makes sense to upgrade to radials. With these tires, the sidewall and tread work independently and can handle driving better and provide safety. You’ll want to upgrade tires and wheels since the older style wheel isn’t a perfect fit for radials due to differing tire pressure. It’s the perfect time to find a replica wheel, pick a new style you like and even choose tires that resemble the originals on your car – whitewalls, raised lettering, and all. 

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