As we enter into another week of staying home and trying to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections, you may be wondering how you can start to get some small bits normalcy back into your life. Just because we are practicing social distancing and staying home though, doesn’t mean you can’t still work on your car or enjoy it. Here are 3 ideas for tackling car projects during the coronavirus outbreak and ideas for enjoying your ride.


If there’s one thing any car lover, classic vehicle owner or enthusiast loves, it’s a clean ride. During the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all learning a lot more about proper sanitation and keeping clean surfaces. While many of us are home, cleaning our homes, washing our hands and waiting for the pandemic’s curve to flatten, it’s a great time to give your car a spring cleaning too. In addition to taking the time to wash and wax the exterior, you should get inside detail the nooks and crannies that really make it shine.

Not sure where to start? Stick with trusted products that are safe for a variety of surfaces. You should not be using harsh household cleaners on your car as they could cause damage.  Simoniz Quat 64 is safe to use on auto interiors and will also disinfect, which is key.  After using a disinfectant, you should also follow-up with conditioning processes for the specific surface – like leather and plastic, to avoid them drying out.

You can also watch plenty of YouTube videos with demonstrations for cleaning and detailing your car. Some of our favorites are Ammo NYC and Adam’s Polishes.


One result of the current situation has been a drop in gas prices. While we aren’t necessarily frequenting locations like before, many are still outdoors to enjoy the warmer temps and fresh air. With this, there is an opportunity to fill up and finally take that scenic drive you’ve been wanting to do with the family. There are a few great routes in Connecticut worth seeing! Alternatively, you could also plan a cruise with other car enthusiasts so long as you are maintaining social distancing guidelines, using protective gear and staying in your cars without congregating. This is a great way to combat feelings of isolation or loneliness many may be dealing with during the coronavirus outbreak. Nothing can bring better smiles and cheer to people than a great classic car line-up!


Finally, after you’ve taken the rides, cleaned the car and want to fill your new spare time with even more car-related activities, you could begin to plan your future upgrades and customizations. Take some time to search around online for ideas and start making plans for your upcoming builds. Maybe you’ve got a project that’s been sitting in the garage, now’s the time to put those plans in action and finally get the build completed. If you’re mechanically inclined and enjoy wrenching, you could begin that work now in your own garage.

We’re Here for You!


If you get stuck on a project and don’t know how to move forward or want product recommendations, we’re here for you! At Innovative Restorations, we get it. We’re car guys too. As we battle this unseen virus plaguing the nation, we remain ready to answer your questions and provide our expertise as needed.

Due to the new guidelines in place limiting in-person contact, we are now offering video sessions at a small fee for customers old and new.

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