If you’ve been wanting to get a fresh paint job done on your car, you may be wondering just what’s involved. It’s important to know you can’t compare apples to oranges here and you should know that the outcome and longevity of a paint job are based on the quality of work you receive. Sure you can have a scuff and shoot, but a long-lasting paint job starts with a good foundation. Especially if you’re restoring a car you love and want an incredible transformation.

Here are Innovative Restorations we work with you to get your car looking incredible just as you’ve always imagined it. Our paint work is done in multiple steps and using expert applications and professional products.

Here’s a closer look at exactly what happens when we take a car in for a paint job.

Step 1: Disassembly & Repair

The only way to ensure every nook and cranny is covered with a fresh coat of paint is to disassemble everything. We mean removing the glass, the knobs, trim – everything. When we’re doing this we’re also checking for imperfections and issues that need to be repaired or cleaned before paint application. This would be the time we’d look for dents and dings and then is necessary to repair those areas.

car paint job

Step 2: Cleaning & Prep

After we have everything we need to get started apart and ready, we will start the cleaning and prepping process. This typically involves removing contaminants from the surfaces and determining if the current finish will need to be stripped down to a bare substrate before moving on and being primed and sanded.

Step 3: Paint Selection & Mixing

While the car is being prepped, we also begin the important step of choosing a paint color and mixing it to exact specifications. At Innovative Restorations, we use an in-house mixing system and color database with new and antique factory color code information. We can also mix custom colors and will always test the paint on a panel to verify the color.

paint job

Step 4: Paint Application

At this point we are ready for paint and our professional team will work in the spray booth to apply the paint on the vehicle and parts until it is covered to perfection.

Step 5:  Polish and Assemble

Once the paint has dried, we then wet sand and polish for a glossy and perfect finish before assembling and returning the shiny, freshly painted ride back to the customer.

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