Car restorations, like any hobby, can get expensive. We are well aware of what it takes to actualize a dream car and that’s why we are always open, upfront, and transparent with our customers. We want you to have the car of your dreams and knowing that the work is done properly and customized to your desires is probably the single most important aspect of car restoration for enthusiasts and those passionate about bringing life back to their classic cars, hot rods, and other special builds. 

In this post, we’re looking at those very reasons why committing to this kind of investment is important and easing your mind into understanding just why so many of us are willing to keep moving forward and building the rides of our dreams. 

We’d like to also mention that there are ways you can still have a nice-looking car without all the investment – but these are usually a quick fix and flip cars. A garage will do some work to a car they picked up for a low price, get it running and driving, and make it look just nice enough for someone to buy for a profit. This is still an option and you should feel good about your purchase – but we don’t put those kinds of builds into the same category as a full-on restoration job like you’d get at a specialty shop. 

If you’re ready to go all-in and you have a car that was maybe passed down to you – or that you’ve been wanting for so long and want to commit to restoring it to your full desires – then keep reading to see 3 reasons why so many of us car lovers can commit to this without blinking an eye. 

1. High Sentimental Value is Key

If you want to build a car  – you need to do it for a reason. Having sentimental value leads the charge in committing to a long and pricey project – because even though you know it will probably never be worth what you put into it if sold, there’s something that far outweighs financial sense. Maybe your grandfather or dad passed it on to you – or you had it since you were a teen and now when you look at the car you remember all the good times you had in it. This nostalgia alone is enough to drive you to restore it back to what it was – or better if it means you can continue to enjoy it and never forget those memories. 

2. Customizing Means its All Yours

When you really love cars and having a show car that you take pride in, there’s nothing that compares to knowing how your car was built. For so many of us, it’s the process, who actually did the work that makes all the difference when we lift the hood or go for a cruise.  Plus, you’re spending this kind of money – the car should be custom-built for you. That’s the reason so many will do a restoration. They always wanted a certain kind of car and now that I have it – I want what I want basically. Whether it’s to restore it or update it to modern features, it’s whatever you desire to be custom-built for you. This truly is what makes a car feel like it’s yours – every nut and bolt and you’re not taking over someone else’s desires and previous build.   

3. Rationalizing with Equity 

Sure, you can turn around and sell a fully renovated classic car and make some money if you wanted to or needed to – but even if you didn’t it’s important to remind yourself that it’s still something you own with equity in it that stretches beyond resale value. I like to compare this to going on a vacation with my customers. Wherever you decide to take a vacation you’ll usually spend an amount of money to take the trip and while you’re out enjoying it. You’ll come back with memories, maybe souvenirs – but that’s it. The money was used, and no longer exists. With this hobby, you have some equity that you could sell and recoup some of the investment (50 percent if you’re lucky) and then you also have all the continual experiences when you get into the car, drive it, and enjoy it.  So it’s about far more than just what you invested in it – because it’s a joy that keeps going. 

Have you been thinking about a car restoration project but don’t know where to start? Our team of experienced technicians can help answer questions, get started on your build, and guide you every step of the way.  Call Innovative Restorations and get started today!