Rev up your engines and join us on this behind-the-scenes look at our local classic car restoration shop! At Innovative Restorations, we believe that every car has a story to tell, and so do the skilled individuals who breathe life back into these automotive masterpieces. 

We recently went around the shop and did a fun team Q&A. We wanted to get into the minds of our talented techs and explore their passion for cars, the unique projects that fuel their creativity, and the things that transform our shop into a second home.

From classic car enthusiasts to modern ride aficionados, our team boasts a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds. Hear what they had to say when we asked them these questions.

Q. In your opinion, what is one of the most iconic automobiles of all time?

Topping the list from our autobody tech team is the Shelby Cobra and close behind we heard nothing but cheers for the Porsche 911 from John and Brandon – which has always been well revered for its performance and quality since its inception. And finally, we wouldn’t be right if we didn’t pay homage to the ‘69 Dodge Charger – well because as Chris said, everyone knows that car from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’!

Q. What do you think about the future of the automotive industry, including electric and autonomous vehicles?

Our team was really excited about the future of tech and car building. 

“I love technology, I find it exciting. I wonder if gas cars will become niche and expensive in the future. I also hope motorsports can be involved in the electric car world,” said Brandon. 

“Electric cars add another interesting challenge to our jobs. How can we keep old cars alive while integrating the new features of electric vehicles?” asked Adam.

Some sage advice from John, our lead mechanical technician: “I think it is the inevitable future of the automotive industry. Conventional autos will still have their place, but they will become overwhelmingly dominated by electric and autonomous vehicles. Technicians have to be careful not to resist change, or they will be left behind and their skills may become irrelevant.”

(Innovative Restorations Auto Body Techs: Adam, Brandon, Kurt, RJ)

Q: Can you share a favorite car restoration or vehicle model you like and explain what you find interesting or impressive about it?

We heard from shop owner, Adam Bradley on this one. The two that stand out are the Pink Chevy Nova, being that it’s the car that started the business (see our post on this incredible vehicle HERE), and the ‘71 Buick as it was the shop’s first ‘nut and bolt’ restoration. 

More favorite builds from the team included:

  • The 67 Chevelle with a big blower is RJ’s favorite. “I was particularly proud of my work on the hood,” he said. (see our post on this incredible vehicle HERE)
  • The 67 442 W30 was Brandon’s favorite because “it’s a rare color combination, there are not many of them!”
  • Kurt and Chris agreed that the 64 Malibu 4-speed was most memorable. It received upgraded brakes and suspension and, a new interior but the exterior was left as is. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a shop of car aficionados without some super fans! Sean’s take – “I love Fords, I’m a Ford guy, always have been, always will be!” and a great reminder of why we ultimately do what we do from another member of our mechanic team:

“It’s not so much the vehicles themselves, but the customers I enjoy working with,” said John. “When a customer embraces our approach and our ideas, those vehicles are the most enjoyable to work on because we are free to do what we do.”

(Innovative Restorations Mechanical Techs: Chris, John, Sean)

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job, and why?

The team had shared a giant sentiment here that in addition to being able to do the job they always dreamed of doing since they were young,  the ability to consistently grow their skills and learn new ways to solve complex problems was a rewarding element of the job. 

Chris also pointed out the great feeling you get when you see the car on the road especially if it is one that you wouldn’t usually see driving out there today. 

Other things that really make the job worthwhile are the looks on customers’ faces when they come to pick up the completed car.  

“Seeing them happy validates all the hard work and is humbling,” said Adam. 

Kurt and RJ agreed that seeing cars win awards at car shows is right up there in proud moments for the team.  “A customer just sent us a photo of him winning an award for his Classic Jeep.”

One thing is abundantly clear after this fun Q&A was completed — our team’s dedication to the craft goes beyond the mechanical intricacies and glossy finishes. We all share a passion that extends to the very core of why we love what we do. 

Until next time, may the roads be open and your engines forever roaring!