If you’ve made a decision to paint your car, the next step is very important – choosing the color you want to achieve. The great thing about working with a professional auto restoration company is that they’ll know just the right shades and steps needed to achieve the results you desire. One thing you may not think about though as you’re selecting the shade you’d like your car painted in is the first step in the process- the primer. 

Primer is important and plays a role in how your paint sticks, how smoothly it goes on, and even what the final shade looks like once it’s done. 

Here’s a closer look at the reasons we use primer for your car’s paint job.


One of the most basic reasons to use primer when painting is to prepare the surface. Primer works as a bonding mechanism between the car’s body and the paint you’ll be applying. Without a good primer laid down, there can be issues like paint chipping, failure to adhere, and even poor overall application results. 

Better Coverage

Another important reason to use primer is it helps with the coverage in the final step. Before you start using the actual color of paint desired, laying down the primer will mean less paint is required to achieve the same vibrancy. Less paint means a smoother finish, and less money spent overall on supplies. This is especially true when doing vibrant colors like red or yellow that would otherwise need multiple layers.

Color Payoff

Finally, the most overlooked reason to use primer is color payoff. Not many people know that there are a few different shades to select for primer and which one you choose will play a role in the color payoff – or vibrancy after it’s dried.

Primer colors to choose from include:

  • Black Primer – Great for deep, rich hues.
  • White Primer – Ultimate vibrancy. Great for light color finishes and metallics. 
  • Gray Primer –  Perfect choice for pearlized finished and lighter shades.
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